The origins of naturopathy can be traced back thousands of years to ancient Shamanic, Indian and Chinese civilisations where the use of herbs and cleansing methods helped to treat disease and improve health. Around 400BC, the teachings of Greek physician Hippocrates were rooted in the idea that nature is the healer of all disease.

Naturopathy , principles and philosophies ,originated in Germany and Europe around 18 th Century . But the ancient traces of philosophical roots of naturopathy are linked to India ,Greece and many more . In Indian history, the naturopathy evidence is found in the Swastha Vritta which means ' Naturopathy' . In Europe , the original naturopaths – prior to 1900s – from around the world, were trained by European doctors using hydrotherapy, herbal medicine and other traditional forms of healing. Naturopathy term was first term coined in 1885 by Dr. John Scheel, a German homeopath practicing the methods of European Hydrotherapy . Dr. Benedict Lust was the founder of naturopathy in North America . In 1902, he founded the American School of Naturopathy. The years from 1900 to 1917 were formative ones for naturopathic medicine in America as the various forms of natural medicines were combined into one eclectic system. Here the American dietetic, hygienic, physical culture, hydrotherapy, spinal manipulation, mental and emotion healing, Thompsonian/eclectic (botanical/herbal medicine), and homeopathic systems of natural healing were all merged into naturopathy.

During the ancient era , the holistic system of medicine is used to treat patient by suing natural medicine but would also educate them about a healthy lifestyle.
According to Naturopathy, "A disease can be treated by regulating diet without taking any medicine"
The naturopathic principles taught in most countries include:
First, Do No Harm (primum non nocere)
Healing Power of Nature (vis medicatrixnaturae)
Treat the Cause (tollecausam)
Treat The Whole Person (tolletotum)
Doctor as Teacher (docere)
Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

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A naturopath employs a range of non-invasive techniques likes -
1- Diet Therapy- Poor diet inhibit the proper body growth and result in rise in cases like – obesity , malnourishment or undernourishment , imbalance in BMI ( Body mass Index ) , bioaccumulation of toxins in body , etc .
The diets are broadly classified into three types which are as follows: i) Eliminative Diet (Liquids-Lemon, Citric juices)  ii) Soothing Diet (Fruits, Salads, Boiled/ Steamed Vegetables ) iii) Constructive Diet (Wholesome flour, pulses, Curd) These diets help in improving health, purifying the body and rendering it immune to disease
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2- Holistic treatment – It include – herbal medicines , homeopathy , Bowen, acupressure, bio-puncture or mechanotherapy, kinesiology physical exercises ( IBD – Integrated Bio-Dynamics ) , supplying body with deficient nutrient supplements etc .
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3- Hydrotherapy ( water Therapy ) – This therapy can be used in two types –
a- Internal - The body constitutes 70% of water . The imbalance of water level in body results in rise of several diseases .
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b- External - Hydrothermal therapy uses differential temperature like hot and cold baths to relax the stressed muscles , treat chronic ailments and improves the blood flow etc
4- Chromo Therapy: Seven colours of Sun rays have different therapeutic effects. Water and oil exposed to sun for specified hours in coloured bottles and coloured glasses, are used as devices of Chromo Therapy for treating different disorders.
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5- Magnet Therapy: Magnet therapy is a clinical system in which human ailments are treated and cured through the application of magnets to the body of the patients. It is the simplest, cheapest and entirely painless system of treatment with almost no side or after effects.
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