Unani system of medicine(USM) , also called Unani tibb, Arabian medicine, or Islamic medicine , has origins in the doctrines of the ancient Greek physicians Hippocrates and Galen . Unani System of Medicine (USM) is basically originated from Greece and has been introduced in India by Arab and Persian settlers. Unani gained recognition from the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1976. Ancient roots of USM are in China, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Syria, India and other Far East countries..

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The basic theory of Unani system is based upon the well- known four - humour theory of Hippocrates. This presupposes the presence, in the body, of four humours viz., blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile.
The world of Shakespear Humor , by US National library of medicine – share the 4 humours importance -
The human body contains four elements and each element has its own temperament .
Air Hot & Moist
Earth Cold & Dry
Fire Hot & Dry
Water Cold & Moist

1- Disease caused by unhealthy lifestyles - chronic malnutrition- provide a fertile ground for diseases such as tuberculosis, malaria and HIV/AIDS ; Chronic disorders termed as lifestyle disorders - toxins accumulation in body due to unhealthy diet. These accumulated toxins in humours ( blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile) , results in functional imbalances of tissues and organs of the body and thereby lead to structural damage .The Unani approach of treatment provides course correction for lifestyle disorders . Unani approach involves reversing the accumulation of toxins, plus concoction and elimination of excess or abnormal humours
2-Preventing the onset and development of lifestyle disease - Example - Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, depression and others Case Study -The research project conducted at the University of the Western Cape in 2006 indicated that of the 453 patients in the study 86% of the patients with hypertension had a dominant or subdominant sanguinous temperament; similarly, of the 372 patients with phlegm-related bronchial asthma 84% had a dominant or subdominant phlegmatic temperament

Classical Unani medicine recommended established "regimental" therapies (tadabeer) in the treatment of various chronic and acutediseases. Those therapies include
1-Dalak (massage)
Beneficial for – soft massage is sedative and relaxant; dry and hard massage is deobstruent and increases the blood supply while the massage with oil relaxes the muscles and softens the skin. 2-Hammam (bath and sauna)-
Beneficial for - Resolving the waste matter and increasing sweating, providing light heat, increasing nutrition, burning fat or increasing fat
Bath types and benefits - cold bath is preferable in normal health while hot bath is generally applied for the cure of diseases like paralysis and muscular wasting etc after massage.

3-Karat (exercise)-
Beneficial for - physical exercise has great importance for maintenance of good health and for treating certain diseases. It is said to be good for stomach and for strengthening digestion.
4-Fasd (venesection, or opening a vein to let out blood)-
Fasd ( Venesection ) explained by Dr. Faroqui

Beneficial for - Correction of blood related problems like relieve high blood pressure, prevention of toxicity, accumulation and excretion of waste matter in the blood, stimulation of metabolic processes,cure of ailments due to certain menstrual disorders, correction of hot material in temperament etc .
5-Hijamat (cupping, a process of drawing blood to the surface of the body by using a glass cup or tube)- Hijma Cupping explained by Dr. Zameer Zafri

Beneficial for - Cleaning the skin of waste matters, stop excessive menses or epistaxis, correct liver diseases, treat malaria and spleen disorders, treat - piles, inflammation of testes and uterus, scabies, boils etc.
6- Amat-e-kai (leeching, or bleeding a person by using leeches)-
Leech therapy explained by Dr.Priya Jain

Beneficial for – remove waste from blood and useful in skin diseases and ringworms etc
(The essential function of all those regimens is to remove impure blood or impurities from the body.)
Surgical interventions, or ilaj-bil-yad, are a last resort

Unani Medicine - easy accessible , cheaper, no side effects etc .
Unani Medicines has therapeutic interventions for the effective management and treatment of lifestyle diseases
Unani medicinal drugs of every origin (plant, animal and mineral) are categorized in four degrees on the basis of their temperament, potentiality (potency) and power of effectiveness (efficacy), which in its entirety curb adverse drug reactions.
Unani drugs Six essentials for the prevention of health and maintenance of proper ecological balance by keeping water, food and air free from pollution:
(a) atmospheric air;
(b) food and drink;
(c) rest and activity of body;
(d) psychological activity;
(e) sleep and wakefulness;
(f) elimination and retention